Are you ready to use your heater for the first time?  Not quite sure how it should be done?  Let us help you. 

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Unpack Your Heater!  Take the heater out of the carton, remove all plastic, cardboard and Styrofoam packing.  Be sure to remove all packing material including anything inside your heater.  Save all packing materials and the heater carton for summer storage.  There is a packing diagram on the top heater carton flap to aid in repacking your heater.

Assemble Your Heater!  Install the grill guard as shown in the Owner's Manual.  Insert batteries into the battery holder.  Do NOT use your heater without the grill guards in place.

Click To EnlargeFuel Your Heater!  Purchase K-1 kerosene.  Clear or red is acceptable.  Use the siphon pump that came with your heater to safely transfer the fuel from the storage container to the heater.  Stop all pumping before the fuel gauge hits the FULL mark.  Do NOT fill past this mark!  Clean up all spills at ONCE!

Take A Break!   After filling the fuel tank turn the wick adjuster knob to it's lowest setting. The heater's wick needs at least 60 minutes to soak up enough fuel to burn properly.  It is important to WAIT 60 minutes ANYTIME the heater has completely burnt the fuel tank "dry".  Premature ignition will DESTROY the wick!  Wick replacement is NOT covered under product warranty.  While you are waiting please read the OWNER'S MANUAL and other information that came with your heater.  By taking the time to read over the information included with your heater may save you some frustration later.  Discuss the proper use and safe handling of the heater with all family members prior to use.

Click To Enlarge3-2-1 Ignition!  After your wick has soaked for 60 minutes, turn the wick up by turning the wick adjuster knob clockwise until it stops (all the way to the right)  Then open the access door (convection models only) located just above the knob so you can watch the ignition process.  Push down on the ignition lever.


Click To EnlargeClick To EnlargeIgnition!  Look for an orange glow as the igniter bulb swings up to light the wick.  If the wick fails to light turn the wick up and down a bit (using the wick adjuster knob) until you find the right spot.  Be sure you have the ignition lever pushed completely down.  As soon as the wick lights, release the ignition handle.  (In the event that your heater fails to light with the ignition bulb, try lighting your heater with a match. Please contact us to send you a new ignition bulb -- DO NOT TAKE THE HEATER BACK TO THE STORE for this simple fix) 

Click To EnlargeAdjust Burner!  Reach inside the access door and move the little metal pigtail burner handle from side to side.  It should feel like it's in a groove.  If the burner is not properly seated the heater could SMOKE and SOOT!

The heater's flame will grow steadily for about 15-20 minutes.  If the flame gets too tall you must use the wick adjuster to turn it down.

Check the owner's manual for more information on proper flame height.  The knob only "fine tunes" the flame.  You cannot reduce the heat output by turning back the wick.  If your heater is operated on too low of a setting for extended periods you can destroy the wick and affect the heaters performance. (Looking in the window at your flame, your flame should be similar to the on in the picture -- however no 2 heaters burn exactly the same)

Check Your Heater Often!  Your heater should now be burning well but may need occasional adjustment.  Check it frequently to see if you need to readjust the wick setting.  Never leave your heater unattended!  Never go to bed or go to work, etc without first turning the heater off.

Click To EnlargeTurn Heater Off!  When you are warm enough simply turn the heater off by pressing the manual shutoff located to the left of the knob.  Wait a few minutes then check to be sure that the flame is out by opening the access door located above the knob.  Always double check the heater to be sure it is off before going to bed or leaving the heater unattended.


Refill Heater!  You can refill the heater easily using the siphon pump that came with your heater.  If the heater is totally empty of kerosene please allow 60 minutes after refilling the tank before relighting.



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