Wick Replacement Instructions

1.Use a flathead screwdriver to loosen and remove screws on either side of the heater cabinet. 2. Lift up on grill guard to remove cabinet and guard from base. 3. Remove wick adjuster knob.
4. Loosen fuel tank cap and remove from base. 5. Remove dressing ring by lifting it from the back while tilting forward to clear the wick adjuster assembly. 6. Trip the pendulum on the automatic safety shutoff system to lower the wick.
7. Remove the four wing nuts which hold the wick adjuster assembly to the base of the heater. 8. Carefully lift the wick adjuster assembly from the base of the heater. 9. With caution, remove the wick cover from the bottom of the wick adjuster.
10. Remove the wick by folding it to the inside. 11. Remove the wick sleeve. 12. Install the new wick into the wick sleeve in the upward direction. (See the arrow up on the wick sleeve)
13. Push the new wick into the retaining teeth of the wick sleeve so that the wick adheres tightly around the inside of the sleeve. 14. Line up the pins on the wick with the slotted holes in the wick adjuster. Press slightly on the pins to slide the wick pins into the adjuster holes. 15. Turn the wick assembly upside down to replace the wick cover. Align the tabs on the wick cover with the four screw holes on the bottom of the assembly and snap it into place.
16. Be certain of firm contact at all points around the wick cover. 17. Turn the wick assembly right side up and replace the wick adjuster knob. 18. Turn the wick adjuster knob and make sure it moves up and down. The wick height should automatically be set to 3/8".
19. Raise the wick to the highest position. Use one hand to hold the knob in the raised position and pick up the wick adjuster assembly. 20. Replace the wick assembly on the heater with the wick raised. 21. Be sure the rubber seal on the tank is preperly seated. Replace the two diagonally opposite wing nuts first. Then the remaining two. Tighten until firmly in place.
22. Once again test the wick adjuster function by raising the wick and pushing the extinuish button to lower the wick. Remove the wick adjuster knob following this step. 23. Replace the cabinet base, aligning the shut-off lever and wick knob with the appropriate slots in the cabinet base. 24. Replace wick adjuster knob.
25. Place the cap on the fuel tank and tighten. 26. While holding the grill guard, place the cabinet back on the base. Be sure to line the front of the cabinet with the wick adjuster knob. 27. Tighten the screws on either side of the cabinet to complete the installation. **Remember that the wick must soak in the kerosene for 60 minutes prior to relighting the heater.**




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